Rules Edit

Level up is about leveling up your cards with other cards to defeat your opponent.

Basics Edit

The first thing you need to do is draw five cards. You need a Merchant and a Merchants Shop to gather an income. Each card costs gold so you will need these two cards to start doing basics.

Troops Edit

Each Warrior card has a specific range. Close Combat and Ranged. Ranged cards always attack first. Close Combat troops attack depending on their agility. If both Close Combat troops have the same agility, then they both take damage. Certain cards have Close Combat and Ranged so that card gets two attacks.

Symbols Edit

The Heart symbol is the health. Once damaged a card cannot regain health unless you have a potion.

The Shield symbol is the defense. Your defense takes away that much damage from your health. Say a Knight hits your Skeleton Warrior for 5 damage. The defense of the skeleton is 3. The Skeleton Warrior takes 2 damage.

The Winged Boot symbol is the agility. The agility is how fast your card attacks. Ranged troops have 10 agility. Close Combat troops have different agility based on the items they have.

The Fist symbol is the attack. The attack is how much damage you do to your opponent directly or to their troops.

The Turn System Edit

The Turn starts of with the player buying a card from his hand. The next step is to apply an upgrade card. Third is the attack phase where you can attack your opponent where it hurts. The last step is to draw one card from your deck.

Combat Edit

On your attack phase, you attack your enemy. Your enemy can block your attacks for a 1 on 1 combat.

Winning Edit

You win by reducing your opponent’s health to zero. Each player has 50 HP. You can attack your opponent’s troops and certain upgrade cards as well. The main purpose is to target the player so that you can win fast. Speed is key but also strategy can turn the game around.

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